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Mila Yakhnis and Kirill Kilesso

Mila Yakhnis and Kirill Kilesso understand that everyone has a unique buying or selling situation and you deserve service that is tailored specifically for your needs. They adhere to the Realtors Code of Ethics and strive for highly satisfied clients. Every day, every client, every transaction.

As you know, the economy has experienced a significant shift. Strategies that used to be standard operating procedure are no longer appropriate for the new economy. Dallas Home Experts Team believes that this shift in the economy and in the real estate market provides some amazing opportunities for both buyers and sellers. You can take advantage of these opportunities with the help of honest, hard-working agents. Mila Yakhnis and Kirill Kilesso want to be your agents.

They have a positive attitude and a genuine desire to help others. They are fiercely loyal and a seasoned negotiators. Whether you are buying your first, looking to sell your home, moving into DFW, needing more room, or searching for investment property; they are at your service and delighted to help you succeed. Please give Dallas Home Experts Team a call; they will be excited to talk with you.



"I have bought 3 properties and sold one through Mila and she always gave me the best customer services anyone could have. I have a hard time trusting strangers, and I do not know how I ended up with her. But now she is more than a Realtor; a friend and a business professional who will go over and beyond to get the best for me."

  -Pam Fernando, Client

"Working with Mila is always a pleasure. She is very professional and knowledgeable in every aspect. She stand by her client and puts them at ease whether you buy, sell or lease the property. She helped us with our last transaction where she made our home buying happen in 15 days. Mila will Be there to help you till the end."

  -bhargavi999, Client

"Mila was understanding of my financial constraints on selling my home. She helped put together a plan and price for selling my home. She was aggressive - in the sense, have regular open houses, leave flyers at all homes around the community, follow up regularly. Also, she was open to questions any time of the day. We got a contract in 2 days and closed on the house pretty soon. Was very happy with the service and would surely recommend them 100%"

  -Valentine Vijay, Client

"My experience with this team was outstanding all around, from start to the end. Listing process was very quick smooth. Open house was extremely effective, offers came in over two to three days. Mila’s negotiation skills and expertise kicked and that was instrumental in getting the best deal. Closing was a snap, took about an hour."

  -david vosko, Client

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