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Mila Yakhnis and Kirill Kilesso

Mila Yakhnis and Kirill Kilesso understand that everyone has a unique buying or selling situation and you deserve service that is tailored specifically for your needs. They adhere to the Realtors Code of Ethics and strive for highly satisfied clients. Every day, every client, every transaction.

As you know, the economy has experienced a significant shift. Strategies that used to be standard operating procedure are no longer appropriate for the new economy. Dallas Home Experts Team believes that this shift in the economy and in the real estate market provides some amazing opportunities for both buyers and sellers. You can take advantage of these opportunities with the help of honest, hard-working agents. Mila Yakhnis and Kirill Kilesso want to be your agents.

They have a positive attitude and a genuine desire to help others. They are fiercely loyal and a seasoned negotiators. Whether you are buying your first, looking to sell your home, moving into DFW, needing more room, or searching for investment property; they are at your service and delighted to help you succeed. Please give Dallas Home Experts Team a call; they will be excited to talk with you.



"Mila rented out my house to great tenants and it was only on a market for few days. Received full market value and she guided us through the whole process, as we were renting out our property for the first time. Impeccable work ethics and instant response to all our questions and concerns. Highly recommend!!!"

  -Inessa Matveyev , Client

"Not only did Mila deliver excellent performance in negotiating the price but we were able to find exactly what we wanted in the price point we wanted to stay within due to her skills. She helped through the whole process to make sure we felt comfortable. We got an amazing rate and we couldnt be happier having mila as our realtor. This was alot easier of a process having her guidance."

  -viktoriyarokos, Client

"If we could give more stars to Mila and her Team we would! She knew the answer or where to find the answer to any questions that we had.I would highly recommend her to everyone!!! "

  -Aigerim, Client

"My experience with this team was outstanding all around, from start to the end. Listing process was very quick smooth. Open house was extremely effective, offers came in over two to three days. Mila’s negotiation skills and expertise kicked and that was instrumental in getting the best deal. Closing was a snap, took about an hour."

  -david vosko, Client

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